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The Mardan Forest Division comprise of Mardan and Swabi districts. it extends over an area of 3166 ha. This tract is mostly irrigated where intensive agriculture is carried out. The plantation along  Kanals, roads and blank areas have been carried out. The parts adjoining to Bunner and Gadown are hilly and contain sub-tropical broad leaved vegetation.

MArdanactivity For administrative purposes Mardan Forest Division  was established in 1979 having four (04) Sub Division and one Forest Range as per detail given below:

  1. Lower Swat Canal Forest Sub Division with headquarter at Marian
  2. Upper Swat Canal Forest Sub Division with headquarter at Katlang
  3. Swabi Forest Sub Division with Headquarter at Swabi
  4. Gadoon Gorest Sub Division with headquarter at Bada
  5. Rustam Forest Range with head quarter at Rustam

This Forest Division manages the plantation over canal system and road side network which are protected forests whereas Guzara Forests are found in Gadoon sub Division with Resume land in Swabi sub Division and Rustam Range.

Land Cover Map of Mardan and Swabi:



Plantation Maps:


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